MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking Addon Integration with GiveWP and Restrict Content Pro Plugin

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If you are in the online industry, you certainly understand the importance of Google Analytics. This is one of the best analytics tools from Google, which provides you with real-time web performance reports to grow your website or blog online.

However, Google Analytics is the best source to measure the performance of any website, but the data analysis report structure is quite complicated to understand or analyze, especially for beginners.

Fortunately, there is a solution available for this, and that is MonsterInsights.

With over 2 million active users, MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. 

This plugin allows you to configure Google Analytics in your WordPress dashboard without any technical skills or hiring a developer. Using this plugin, you can access all important analytical data in one place and, of course, in an optimized way.

MonsterInsights also offers several powerful add-ons to enhance its tracking features, such as Ads Addon, AMP Addo, eCommerce Addon, EU Compliance Addon, and many more, so that you can expect in-depth and more refined analytics results.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the recently upgraded ‘MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking addon integration’ with GiveWP and Restrict Content Pro plugins.

MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking Addon Integration with GiveWP and Restrict Content Pro

MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking Addon Integration
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MonsterInsights is undoubtedly the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. The team behind this plugin has always been enhancing the functionality of this plugin to provide you with the next-level analytics experience.

And, recently, they introduced the upgraded version of the MonsterInsights eCommerce addon with the enhanced Project Delight experience.

If you have an eCommerce website and want to grow your business, it is necessary to understand your audience first. MonsterInsights is the plugin that provides you with comprehensive insights into customer shopping behavior so that you can optimize your store accordingly and generate more revenue.

With the latest upgraded version, MonsterInsights added brand new eCommerce tracking integrations, which let you configure with the most popular plugins, GiveWP and Restrict Content Pro.

So, let’s take a look at the brief introduction of both plugins and the benefits you will get from integrating with MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking.

GiveWP Plugin (Brief Introduction)

GiveWP Plugin
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GiveWP is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress donation plugins that help you with online fundraising through donation. Using this plugin, you can easily create customizable donation forms to accept donations with easy payment options. This plugin also has a powerful built-in donor management feature, which allows you to keep track of your donors and their contributions.

GiveWP integration with MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking – By integrating this plugin with MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking, you can start tracking all of your donation information and donor activity in your WordPress dashboard. Not only that, but you will get valuable insight about which donation forms are performing well for the given time period.

Restrict Content Pro (Brief Introduction)

Restrict Content Pro Plugin
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Restricted Content Pro is a powerful and comprehensive membership plugin for WordPress, which allows you to restrict access to individual posts based on different membership levels. Simply put, by using this plugin you can create exclusive content and provide access only to valued members.

Restrict Content Pro Plugin integration with MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking – By integrating this plugin with MonsterInsights eCommerce tracking, you can easily start tracking your membership site with stylish and easy-to-use reports to find out exactly how your site is performing.

MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking (A Brief Review)

As shown in the below image, To integrate GiveWP and  Restrict Content Pro with MonsterInsights, all you need to do is enable the “Use Enhanced eCommerce” button. By activating this feature, It will automatically detect the plugins, you just need to activate them. One of the best things here is that you are not required to edit any code or hire a developer.

MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking
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With these new integrations, you can easily analyze your eCommerce store performance. In other words, this advanced integration provides you with a platform on which you can quickly track the performance of your GiveWP donation website and Restrict Content Pro membership site with just a few clicks.

When you log into your WordPress dashboard, an eCommerce reporting option is available in the MonsterInsights settings, which gives you a comprehensive overview of all the critical eCommerce data you need, such as conversion rate, transactions, revenue, and average order value, and many more.

MonsterInsights eCommerce Report
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MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking gives you all the data in one place, you can quickly access your website traffic sources and also check the conversions and revenue they are generating for you. Using these data reports, you can now analyze the performance of each traffic source and take appropriate action if necessary.

One of the best things here is that all of your eCommerce data is presented in a well-structured way. Now you can easily understand and analyze the data to understand your customers’ behavior and optimize your store accordingly for more sales and revenue.

eCommerce Tracking Report Data

For your better understanding, let’s have a quick look at the eCommerce tracking reports you’ll find there.

  • Conversion rate – The conversion rate is the number of conversions compared to the total number of visitors to your website.
  • Transactions – The transaction is the total number of successful purchases that took place in your eCommerce store during a given time period.
  • Revenue – This is the total amount that you have generated through the total number of purchases made on your store for a certain time.
  • Average order value – It is the average value of the total number of successful purchases. To calculate the average order value, you can divide your total revenue by the total number of transactions for any period.
  • Top performing products – This is the list of those specific products that are performing well in your eCommerce store.
  • Add to Cart/Removed from Cart – This report shows you the data of the total number of products added to the cart and removed from the cart for a given period.
Shopper Behavior
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MonsterInsights Project Delight Improvements

To give you a next-level experience, MonsterInsights recently introduced the enhanced version of Project Delight. This is actually a great initiative by MonsterInsights to give you a best-in-class user experience. They improved the overall structure of their dashboard with better reporting accuracy, of course.

Now you can easily find out the most essential data about your visitors, and make a quick decision to improve your website performance.

Let’s take a look at some major improvements.

Contextual Insights – This feature makes it super easy to find any report or settings with just a single click. Now you can save more time and quickly locate what you need.

Popular Post Feature – With the recent updates, MonsterInsights has improved the styling of the popular post feature. Now this will make your website look more fresh and amazing.

The rotation feature of the post in the widget is also improved, which will help you in providing better user experiences to your visitors and hence increase user engagement on your website. Finally, you can expect more revenue from your online business.

Final Thoughts: MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking Addon Integration

MonsterInsights is definitely a powerful Google Analytics plugin that provides you a wide range of detailed reports to analyze your online business performance. MonsterInsights Ecommerce Tracking is the best analytics tool in the industry and provides you with a comprehensive overview of your eCommerce store performance.

The new eCommerce integrations with GiveWP and Restrict Content Pro as well as Project Delight improvements are now available on MonsterInsights. So, if you are looking for a powerful platform to analyze the performance of your eCommerce store, this tool is perfect for you.

So what are you waiting for?

If you found this article useful, please share it with others. If you have any questions about integrating the MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon Integration, let me know in the comments.

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