Semrush Key Product Updates 2023: Boost Up Your SEO Efforts Now

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In today’s digital era, whether you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, content writer, or digital media marketing analyst, if you’re specific or accurate with your analytics report, you’re on the right track.

Most online marketers use various analytics tools to produce different reports like SEO, competitor research, market research, social media marketing, and many more. These tools are an excellent source for tracking all relevant data and performing a comparative analysis report for a website.

There are tons of free and premium tools available for SEO analysis, but the main difference here is the accuracy of the results. If you prefer to use a premium tool, you can expect to analyze some interesting and precise data; otherwise, it can hurt your entire search engine optimization strategies.

When we talk about the best SEO tools, Semrush is the name that comes to mind first. It is not just a tool; it is a suite of SEO tools because it offers all the analysis tools in one place, so you can focus on growing your business.

What is Semrush? (A brief introduction)

With over 12 years of experience, Semrush is one of the leading and well-optimized content marketing platforms that offers over 45 analytics tools in a single basket for SEO, content marketing, advertising, competitive research, reporting, and social media management. 

In short, it’s a magic toolbox for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and all those people who are in the online industry.

Apart from that, Semrush is one of the most powerful SEO tools in the market, which is the most reliable for all SEO activities like preparing website audit reports, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, link building, backlink analysis, and more.

One of the best things about Semrush is that they are committed to providing a top-notch experience for their users and constantly working on making their tools perfect for everyone.

In this article, we will discuss Semrush Key Product Updates, which were recently introduced in 2023.

But before we dive into the main topic, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Semrush.

Interesting statistics and facts:

Semrush is undoubtedly one of the most demanding tools in the online industry. Here are some interesting statistics and facts that you should know about.

  • Over 7 million online marketers around the world have already used this tool.
  • Semrush has a huge keyword (20 billion) and domain (825 million) database with 142 geo-locations.
  • Over 17 billion URLs are crawled per day by Semrush alone.
  • Over 39 trillion backlink database management.

If you’re still curious to find out more in detail, you can check out the full list of Semrush stats and facts from here.

Now I hope you understand that Semrush is not just a tool; it is more than that, which offers you fast and accurate results for successful strategic insight.

Now without much ado, let’s dive into the main topic!

Quick Note – This article is specially dedicated to Semrush Key product updates 2023, so here I won’t explore all the other features.

Semrush Key Products Updates Of 2023 With In-depth Details, Pricing, & Features

Semrush Key product Updates
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But as an online marketer, I would like to say that, in 2023, when we were all trying to emerge from the pandemic situation, Semrush was focused on redesigning the software and improving its algorithms to provide an exceptional experience to their users. 

And finally, they introduced the most significant key product updates of 2023. Frankly speaking, these updates will definitely improve the way you work.

For better clarification, I have categorized the key product updates into different sections so that you can easily understand and navigate to them.

So, let’s get started.

1. SEO Tools 

The SEO tools section is the first and most powerful feature of Semrush. Undoubtedly this is one of the greatest strengths of Semrush. With this tool, you can acutely perform all the technical and on-page SEO research and also spy on your competitor’s SEO strategies, backlinks, keywords, position tracking, and other aspects as well.

With the key product updates of 2023, Semrush has recently upgraded its SEO tools section with more advanced features. Now you will have a deep insight into each analysis to expand the digital strategy and strengthen your SEO efforts.

Let’s take a look at the significant SEO tool updates.

1.1 SEO Competitor Analysis with Domain Overview

Domain Overview offers a one-click solution to analyze the organic search traffic, paid traffic (if any), backlinks, position changes, referring domains, and organic keyword profiles of any of your competitor’s websites.

Recently, Semrush has introduced some new features to offer you an in-depth domain research experience. Let’s take a brief look at these newly added features.

  • One of the most anticipated features recently added by Semrush is “Worldwide View.” With this feature, you can conduct competitor research to get a deep insight into the site metrics and growth report on a worldwide level.
  • Sometimes, for whatever reason, it is not necessary to evaluate the entire website. So now, you have the option to analyze the website at the subdomain and subfolder level.
  • To increase the efficiency of your domain research, you can use the newly added function Compare mode. It allows you to compare up to 5 domains simultaneously with the explication of traffic count (organic / paid), organic keywords, and backlink profile.
Domain Overview
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1.2 Updated Keyword Overview Report with New Features

Keyword research is one of the most essential and profitable activities in SEO (search engine optimization). If you do it precisely, you can take your online business to the next level.

Keyword Overview is one of the best and most appreciated keyword research tools in the market. Semrush has an enormous keyword database (over 20 billion) that provides more accurate and detailed insights analysis reports on any keyword/phrase.

In the latest 2023 key product updates, Semrush has modernized the keyword overview tool with innovative and exciting features. Now, it becomes more powerful and authentic to reinforce your marketing effort with detailed insight reports.

Here is the list of newly added features –

Global Volume Metric – Semrush recently introduced the global volume metric feature to help you assess the potential of any keyword. This feature provides you with an estimate of the monthly search volume with the top-ranking countries for the selected keywords.

SERP Analysis – Using this feature, you can now see the top 100 Google search results for any analyzed keyword. Not only that, but you’ll also get all the essential metrics (backlinks, referring domains, search traffic, keywords) for each ranking URL.

SERP Features and Questions – This newly introduced feature brings you more information about the desired keyword and helps you discover more keyword optimization ideas. One of the best things here is that you will get a complete overview of SERP features and questions with each keyword.

Bulk analysis – I really appreciate Semrush for offering such an excellent Bulk Analysis feature. By using this feature, you can analyze up to 100 keywords at a time. Now you can make instant decisions about keywords’ potential and save more time.

Keyword Manager Integration – This is another cool feature of the keyword overview. Using the Keyword Manager, you can now collect all your favorite keywords in one place and export them to an XLSX or CSV file or other SEMrush tools.

Keyword Overview
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1.3 Explore Ranking Opportunities with the New Keyword Gap Tool

 Semrush’s Keyword Gap Analysis Tool allows you to find all those missing or untapped keywords (paid and organic) that are driving traffic to your competitors’ sites but not your sites.

With the recent 2023 key product updates, Semrush has enhanced the functionality of this keyword gap tool. Now, it has become more powerful than before and offers you a bunch of advantageous features.

Let’s take a look at the recently added features –

  • There is a “Top Opportunities” widget option available in the Keyword Gap Tool, which is phenomenal for providing you with potential keywords from your competitor’s websites. Not only that, but you can also use the new “tops” and “volume” filters to explore keywords the way you want.
  • For quick and easy analysis, a keyword grouping option is available with various categories such as Shared, Missing, Weak, Strong, Untapped and Unique.
  • Now you can find your competitors’ potential keywords not only by domain but also by using subfolders and exact URLs.
Keyword Gap
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Quick Note – Like other keyword tools, Keyword Gap has also been integrated with the Keyword Manager. You can store all your potential keywords in one place and export them to an XLSX or CSV file or other Semrush tools.

1.4 Discover New Link Building Ideas with Backlink Analytics

Backlink Analytics is one of Semrush’s greatest strengths. By using this tool, you can accurately monitor or even compare the backlink profiles of your competitors.

With the help of the newly added “Target URL Error” filter, you can monitor your competitor’s broken pages, which are still receiving backlinks. By doing this, you will definitely get even more ideas for link building.

By referring to this report, you can approach the referral’s website owner to replace the existing broken link with your top relevant page.

1.5 On-Target Backlink Audit for Backlink Analysis

Semrush is constantly working on making this tool more accurate and advanced so that you get an in-depth audit report on every backlink.

Using the latest Target Pages Report, you get a more insightful report on each backlink on your web pages, and it helps you analyze the best-performing pages on your website.

Not only that, but this audit report also helps you understand toxic backlinks to avoid penalties from Google.

Backlink Analytics
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1.6 Position Tracking with SoV and Extended Reporting Capabilities

Now you can monitor your site performance for your target keywords daily on a specific location and device.

Apart from that, some more cool features were added recently. Let’s take a look at all of these.

  • Now, evaluating your business performance with SEO efforts has become more accurate and advanced by using the new metric, Share of Voice (SoV). This metric report helps you assess the occupied market percentage for the estimated search volume and traffic of the selected keywords.
  • With the recent 2023 key product updates, you can create a new Cannibalization report to identify self-competition on SERPs. It will also help you develop your content marketing strategy by merging competing pages, splitting the content, and targeting cannibalizing pages to different keyword clusters.
  • If you are the owner of multiple businesses in a state, in that case, Semrush’s device & location report allows you to compare and evaluate the business performance and benchmarking visibility at various levels such as country, region, city, and even zip code.
  • You now have the option of getting various up-to-date position tracking reports through Export Scheduling. This feature allows you to get your reports daily, weekly, or monthly with multiple Excel or CSV formats.
Position Tracking
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Credit: Semrush

1.7 Improve Your Website SEO with the Revamped Site Audit Tool

Site Audit is one of the most reliable tools in Semrush. It offers a comprehensive report on your website’s health, a list of issues, and suggestions for further improvement as well.

Not only that, with a revamped Markup Report, you’ll get more improvement tips to enhance your site performance for SERP snippets or features.

One of the best things is that this markup report provides a user-friendly visualization of markup usage and implementation errors, which will help you better understand and improve your website performance.

Site Audit
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1.8 Improve Local SEO Rankings with Listing Management Tool 

Whether you have a local business or a global business, an online presence is essential to everyone. So, if you have an online business, you can benefit from Semrush’s List Management tool. This tool automatically distributes your business profile data to the most popular online authoritative directories (80+ for the US and 40+ for other countries). By doing this, your local SEO and voice search optimization will also get a boost.

In recent 2023 key product updates, Semrush has included two more countries (France and Germany) on the list and increased the number of directories as well.

Semrush Local SEO
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With the recent Semrush key product updates, you will get the following benefits from the Comprehensive Local SEO tool –

  • Now you can track your local organic position in Google Local Finder with the local ranking report.
  • You can now use the review management tool to respond directly to any Google My Business and Facebook post or review.
  • You can now accurately track your business ranking on the Google Map at a specific location using the Local Rankings Heatmap. It’s an advanced ranking report that allows you to track up to 5 keywords on a hyper-local level for your target area.
Local Ranking Heatmap
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Credit: Semrush

2. Social Media Tools

In today’s scenario, social media plays an important role in the success of any business. In fact, social media marketing is a part of a digital marketing strategy, which involves using all social media channels to connect with the audience and build a strong relationship with them to promote our products and services.

But as a digital marketer, managing all social media channels at once has become tricky. And it has become a necessity to have an all-in-one platform, in which you can manage all our activities on all social networks. But you don’t need to worry; fortunately, Semrush has a solution for this need as well.

Semrush offers an advanced Social Media Management Toolkit, an all-in-one platform, where you can manage and track all your social profiles in one place.

In recent 2023 Semrush Key product updates, other cool features have been added to give you a best-in-class social media analytics experience. So, let’s have a brief overview of the latest social media updates.

Semrush Social Media Research
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2.1 Track on Your Social Media Internal Analytics to Grow Your Brand

As I said before, managing all social media profiles has become a complicated task. As a blogger, affiliate marketer, or digital marketer, it would be a time-consuming task for you to keep track of all social media activities separately.

In the latest updates, Semrush has introduced the brand new social media analytics tool to analyze your social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram).

Using this tool, you can track different performance metrics such as new followers, post reach, post engagements, and engagement rate.

Social Media Analytics
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2.2 Smartly Manage Your Social Media Ads

In the key product update of 2023, Semrush has rolled out another feature Social Media Ads tool, to manage all your social media ad campaigns in one place.

This tool is specially designed to escalate your social media marketing to the next level. With a responsive and user-friendly interface, this tool allows you to craft, launch and manage ads of entire Facebook products (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger for this purpose, You must check, and the audience Network Platforms) directly from your Samrush dashboard.

One of the best things about this tool is that you can smoothly run your ads without making any complicated settings. Apart from that, you can also track the performance of your ad campaigns and take appropriate action if necessary.

3. Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach to creating valuable, relevant, and unique content for your target audience. If you want to grow your business online, content creation is not enough; you need to create SEO Optimized Content.

For this purpose, You must check out Semrush’s content marketing tools, which enable you to create highly SEO-optimized content for your website or blog.

Semrush has recently launched a phenomenal standalone product, ImpactHero, which allows you to analyze your content marketing strategy at various levels.

This tool can also help you identify the well-performing content at various stages and provide you with the best suggestions for improving your content strategy.

Apart from that, Semrush recently introduced another Content Marketplace platform. If you are an online business owner and need a professional content writer for content marketing, you can sign up for their services.

Semrush Marketplace
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3.1 Content Marketplace: A Comprehensive Solution for Your Content Needs

Content Marketplace is the platform where they offer high-quality SEO-optimized content and copywriting services from professional content writers. But in the latest key product updates of 2023, Semrush has expanded content writing services. They have now included more services such as product descriptions, email newsletters, press releases, e-books, and website copying.

Quick Note – At the moment, Content Marketplace offers all of its content writing services in the UK and US English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese languages.

Not only that, but Semrush has also rolled out subscription-based services (monthly or yearly) for its Content Marketplace platform. If you sign up for their Premium subscription, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You will get up to a 20% discount on all your content orders, and you can request unlimited revisions for your content.
  • You can use the Media Stock Library to download high-quality premium media assets such as images, videos, vector images, illustrations, and icons for commercial use.
  • As a premium subscriber, you can invite up to 3 members (colleagues and clients, if they have a Semrush account) to your workspace to collaborate on order creation, briefing creation, content reviews, and leave comments for all your orders.
  • If you have a Premium subscription, you have an option to share content with your colleagues or clients using a white label link for review purposes.
Semrush Marketplace Subscription
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4. Competitive Research Tools

Competitive research is one of the most critical activities for SEO purposes. It’s quite complicated, but thanks to Semrush’s Competitor Analysis tool, which has made this research process easier than ever.

In the recent 2023 key product updates, Semrush introduced some new amazing features to analyze your competitors’ websites better.

So let’s get started.

4.1 Analyze Competitors and Markets with Revamped Traffic Analytics

If you want to analyze all the traffic sources of your competitors’ websites, this tool can easily do it for you. This tool allows you to assess the performance of any website with various parameters of top traffic driving sources, traffic acquisition approach, and user engagement metrics.

  • Semrush recently updated its traffic estimation algorithm, which provides more accurate traffic count data. Not only that, now you can analyze various reports at the subdomain level.
  • Now you can compare the audiences of your competitor’s websites using the latest Audience Insights report. This analytical report will provide you with a perspective to understand how your competition’s audiences overlap with yours. Ultimately, it will help you improve your marketing strategies.
  • With the latest Traffic Journey report, you can now assess your competitor’s audience behavior. This analytics report will give you an idea of how you can grab the attention of your competitors’ audience to your website.
Competitor Traffic Journey
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4.2 Market Explorer: Simplified Comparative Market Analysis Tool

If you are planning to start a new blog, the Market Explorer tool provides you with a comprehensive overview of the latest market trends and key benchmarks. It will also help you understand the behavior of your target audience and the market share of your competitors in your niche.

  • If you are planning to grow your online business, you should first analyze the competitive landscape. For this purpose, you can use Semrush’s latest Growth Quadrant feature, which allows you to identify the best industry players in your competitive landscape with four distinct segments: Niche Players, Game Changers, Leaders, and established players.
  • Now you can add up to 20 domains to analyze your market on a broad level with the latest custom market report.
  • Apart from that, you can also explore the overall traffic trend in your market using the all-new Benchmarking Report. Here you can compare up to 5 different domains to analyze their traffic counts, traffic sources, and key audience characteristics.
Semrush Market Research
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Quick Note – With the recent Semrush key product updates 2023, they have expanded Market Explorer geo-location. Now it covers a total of 190 regions and countries.

5. Other Semrush Updates

As I said before, Semrush is not just an SEO tool; it is a platform where you will get everything you need to scale your online business in the competitive market.

Here is the list of some other major product updates for 2023.

5.1 Agency Growth Kit: Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency 

If you are a digital marketer and looking for an agency partner program to grow your digital marketing business, you can try Semrush’s Agency Growth Kit program.

As you know, Semrush is the most popular brand in the industry. If you join their agency program, it would be great for your business exposure.

For joining purposes, you are required to get certified from Semrush. For this, you need to pass the Agency exam by confirming your proficiency with Semrush tools.

Here is a list of some major features of the agency growth kit, which will help you attract more clients to your digital marketing agency.

  • If you have passed the agency exam, you are eligible to get listed in the Agency Partner Platform. This is the platform where you can promote your digital marketing services to potential clients.
  • As a certified agency partner, you can access advanced reporting options with personalized features such as branding, white labeling, and many more. You can now customize your client reports with your logo, helping you build your brand.
  • To facilitate better customer management, you have the option of storing all your customer data such as personal profiles, projects, special notes (if any), reports, and all other essential data in one place using Client Manager unlimited access service.

5.2 Sellerly: A Toolkit to Grow Your Amazon Business 

If you’re an Amazon seller and looking for a way to improve your sales figures and customer experience, your search ends here.

Sellerly is one of the fantastic product by Semrush to help Amazon sellers to optimize and manage their listing performance and grow customer base.

In the recent key product updates, Sellerly has included the following analytics tools that will help you better analyze your Amazon seller account, so you can take action to grow further.

  • Traffic Insight is one of the advanced traffic analytics tools, which offers you an opportunity to grow your online business. This tool is more proficient in assessing the traffic sources of any product listing. This will give you a better insight to make strategic decisions about your own traffic sources.
  • Considering Amazon guidelines, you can now audit your listing’s content by using the latest Listing Quality Check tool. Apart from that, this tool provides you with practical tips to improve the performance and visibility of your product listing.
  • Now it becomes quite simple to keep track of your product listing changes and traffic loss. Using the newest Link Protection feature, you can monitor any number of product listings of your or your competitors. Here you are required to configure email or SMS notifications. If there are any declining changes in the buy chart, keyword positions, listing suppressions, or product prices, you will receive an instant alert notification by email or SMS.

5.3 Prowly: A New Approach to Digital PR

If you want to expand your digital public relations efforts, you must try Prowly, one of the fastest-growing SaaS-based PR startup companies. Semrush recently acquired Prowly in 2023 to provide PR-based services with wondrous experiences to its users.

If you sign up for Prowly, you will have instant access to over a million journalists and influencers. Apart from that, you will also get the benefits of PR CRM, online newsrooms, email campaigns, pitch analysis, and many more.

5.4 Semrush & Yoast SEO Integration: A Perfect Combination

With over 5 million active installs, Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugin for SEO optimization. In recent 2023 key product updates, Semrush announced the product integration partnership with the Yoast plugin.

If you are a Yoast plugin user, you can now benefit from Semrush’s advanced SEO-focused keyword suggestions (within your WordPress Dashboard) to produce unique and high-value SEO-optimized content.

Semrush New Plans and Pricing

Semrush is the only platform that offers a wide range of analysis tools under one roof. Whether you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, or digital marketer, if you are serious about your online profession and want to scale it to the next level, this is the only suite you need.

In the 2023 key product updates, Semrush has introduced a wide range of new tools and updates that we’ve already talked all of that. Now, in this section, we’re going to check out Semrush’s new plans and pricing options.

Semrush Plans and Pricing
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Semrush currently offers three subscription plans starting at the following prices:

  • Pro – starts at $119.95 monthly.
  • Guru – starts at $229.95 monthly.
  • Business – starts at $449.95 monthly.

1. Pro Plan – This plan is specially designed for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers with a limited budget. If you sign up for this plan, you will need to pay $119.95 for a monthly subscription and $99.95/month for an annual subscription (billed annually).

Semrush Pro Plan Features:

  • Projects: 5
  • Position Tracking: 500 keywords (daily updates)
  • Site Audit: 100,000 pages/month
  • Social Media profiles: track 50, post to 10
  • Results per report: 10,000
  • Reports per day: 3,000

2. Guru Plan – This plan is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) or growing agencies. For this plan, you have to pay $229.95 for a monthly subscription and $191.62/month for an annual subscription (billed annually).

Semrush Guru Plan Features:

  • Projects: 15
  • Position Tracking: 1500 keywords (daily updates)
  • Site Audit: 300,000 pages/month
  • Social Media profiles: track 100, post to 30
  • Results per report: 30,000
  • Reports per day: 5,000

3. Business Plan – This plan is best suited for large agencies, e-commerce websites, and businesses with an extensive web presence. A monthly subscription of this plan will cost you $449.95/month and $374.95/month for an annual subscription (billed annually).

Semrush Business Plan Features:

  • Projects: 40
  • Position Tracking: 5000 keywords
  • Site Audit: 1000,000 pages/month
  • Social Media profiles: track 300, post to 50
  • Results per report: 50,000
  • Reports per day: 10,000

FAQs | Semrush Key Product Updates 2023

Final Thoughts

In this comprehensive post, I have discussed all of the major Semrush Key Product Updates of 2023, which are incredible in providing you with best-in-class solutions for your digital marketing needs.

Semrush has now become the world’s most popular all-in-one marketing toolkit offering a wide range of analytics tools to scale your online business.

This article is actually dedicated only to the major product updates for 2023, but Semrush is constantly working on minor updates and tweaks to provide a better user experience.

So what do you think about Semrush’s key product updates for 2023?

If this post was helpful to you, please share it with others to spread information. And let me know in the comment section if you still have any questions.

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